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Kietta Mayweather-Gamble

"Real Talk With Kietta®" is an exciting television talk show geared towards men and women, ages 21-49. The show is a blend of both urban and suburban markets representing diverse cultures and backgrounds!

Each show focuses on real life situations with its' outspoken host, Kietta, offering candid yet sincere solutions. Moreover, it is an appealing alternative to current programming as Kietta interacts closely with her television guests and personally relates to overcoming mounting adversities.

The key objective of "Real Talk With Kietta®" is to establish and reinforce real solutions via real life experiences and provide knowledge to its' viewing audience.


Many of the show's topics address serious issues facing America such as finances, relationships, education, and sexuality. Additionally, the show touches on fun and humerous topics illuminated by Kietta's very own lively and bubbly personality. At the core of each themed episode are ways to promote positive interpersonal skills such as acceptance, self-motivation, self-sufficiency, and philanthropy. "Real Talk With Kietta®", produced with original songs and technology-driven animation, is a television show that offers a refreshing invigorating change for today's talk show industry.

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