Episode Guide


Episode 101 Men On The Down Low Kietta exposes the life of men living double lives. This episode explores men who hide the truth about being gay to their girlfriends/wives while still engaging in secret gay relationships.
Episode 102 Celebrating Fathers Celebrating wonderful fathers, while exposing a "dead-beat" in a surprising turn of events. The audience is shocked.
Episode 103 Cancer Survivors Kietta asks informative questions everyone should know concerning signs given to cancer survivors that helped save their lives. Their courageous fight inspires others and give them hope that cancer can be beat!
Episode 104 Balling On A Budget Everyone wants to enjoy the finer things in life, but how many of us can do it on a budget? Kietta gives us all some tips on cutting down on expenses so that you can keep on "Ballin!"
Episode 105 Talent Show Expert guests tells the audience how to watch out for scammers in the entertainment industry and thriving entertainers showcase their talent.
Episode 106 Success Over 60 These seniors live life to the fullest! Find out their secret to the "fountain of youth!"
Episode 108 Overcoming Adversities These individuals did not allow their troubling past and major obstacles to stop them from pursuing a fulfilling, successful life.
Episode 109 Haters Kietta ask people why they think they have "haters". Learn how to combat "haters" when Kietta reveals her "3 Keys To Success" and what people say about her!
Episode 110 Dealing with Incest The victims of incest come forward to share their stories and hlep those that are still tormented by their secret.
Episode 111 Best of RTWK Season 1 Kietta takes us through highlights of Season One. Find out which guest she enjoyed the most and who she thinks gave her the most REAL TALK