Episode Guide


Episode 202 Troubled Teens Kietta is determined to turn around these troubled teens that are headed down the wrong path.
Episode 203 Women's Health Learn tips on how women can take better care of themselves, not overlooking symptoms that could be serious. Also, Kietta and her guests prepare "healthy soul food" and desserts.
Episode 204 Fertility Couples that want a family discuss their problems with fertility and procedures attempted to make their dream of having a child come true.
Episode 205 Spirituality Meet citizens of Cassadaga, FL, a community filled with individuals that believe in the spiritual and supernatural world, and their practices with witchcraft.
Episode 206 Finance Crisis that can cause your family to be unstable financially are discussed as well as solutions to weathering a cash crisis.
Episode 207 Ladies of the Night Kietta speaks to women about prostitution and how they feel they are "professional" in what they do.
Episode 208 HIV Awareness Guests speak on their experiences with HIV while also warning the viewers of dangers associated with contracting the disease.
Episode 209 Child Support Meet Biff, the father of 13 children, who doesn't think that mothers need child support!
Episode 210 Gender Identity Hear the story of a man that used a Home Equity Line of Credit to pay for his surgery to become a woman, and why.
Episode 211 All That These ladies believe whole-heartedly that they areAll That. Decide for yourself!
Episode 212 Convicted Felons Real talk about the different paths convicted felons took and how their lives were affected by their irresponsible decisions, while offering advice on how they were ablt to get their lives on track.
Episode 213 Video Honeys This episode covers the life of a video vixen. Also, how women get into the industry and how they cope with being a sex symbol.
Episode 214 Best of RTWK Season 2 Kietta takes us through highlights of Season Two.